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Life N' Times O' Carrie Gates [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hmmm [May. 10th, 2009|11:09 pm]
[Moody, eh? |shockedshocked]

I haven't posted here in almost two years.

Hello world.

A lot has happened since I last wrote!
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Humour me, this is a big deal to me. [Jun. 7th, 2007|07:54 pm]
[Moody, eh? |accomplishedaccomplished]

I am so proud of myself for doing the best travel packing job of my life today. I packed everything I need for my VJing tour in 3 bags. That's right, three bags. These bags include:
-clothes for a month
-3 pairs of shoes
-2 jackets
-bathroom krap
-a book
-my papers for work
-10 Sharpies
-video mixer
-2 laptops
-digital camera
-bag of adaptors
-bag of RCA cords and power cables
-about 100 DVDs of my merch
-my rainbow jewels

I'm so impressed with myself. I can carry my life on my back now. 3 bags. Kool.

And yes, I made it to Ottawa today and everything is going incredibly smoothly. Nice start to this trip thingie, I do say!
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ontario tour o' june 2007 [Jun. 6th, 2007|04:23 am]
[Moody, eh? |inspired]

Hey guess what, I'm going to Ontario on Thursday to travel around and VJ for the month. I'm really excited, a little bit scared, and very happy to get to see my ON homies again. I'll try to post some news as I travel...so far I have stuff to do in Ottawa, Toronto, St. Catherines, Niagara, London, Windsor/Detroit, and Peterborough. woo-hoo!

Also, I started a new website for all of my entrepreneurial art stuff:
I'll add lots more to it over the summer, it's pretty bare right now but I'm working on it. Basically, Otherartists is an organizing principle for my projects. More on that later...
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audio sampler of some of my work [Jun. 6th, 2007|12:21 am]
[Moody, eh? |hyperhyper]

Let me know if any of these links are broken...

people have been asking for this lately, so here it is - a sampler of excerpts of a bunch of my sound art work...some of it is old, some of it is newer...I'll add new stuff sometime later...

Sound Art Sampler


1. 01-snelgrove_p-form-excerpt_01
(1:38, 2.3 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates

2. 02-floors_and_frames-(dub)
(1:42, 2.3 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates, Tim Olive, and Jon Vaughn

3. 03-mendel_remixed_1
(4:00, 5.5 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates

4. 04-vinyl_int_3_live_at_ecube-excerpt_
(11:43, 2.4 MB, 192 kbps)

by The Vinyl Interventions Trio (Carrie Gates, Esther Bourdages, and Marinko

5. 05-blank_star_pt-4
(1:10, 1.6 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates

6. 06-snelgrove_p-form-excerpt_2
(2:27, 3.4 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates

7. 07-Work,
Buy, Sleep
(5:54, 8.1 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates, Max Haiven, Marinko Jareb, and Jon Vaughn

8. 08-vinyl_int_2_live_at_Ecube_excerpt_3
(1:57, 2.7 MB, 192 kbps)

by The Vinyl Interventions Trio (Carrie Gates, Esther Bourdages, and Marinko

9. 09-vinyl_int_3_live_at_ecube-excerpt_2
(1:49, 2.5 MB, 192 kbps)

by The Vinyl Interventions Trio (Carrie Gates, Esther Bourdages, and Marinko

10. 10-superimposition
(8:14, 11.3 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates

11. 11-frillo-loon
(6:44, 9.3 MB, 192 kbps)

by FRILLO (Carrie Gates, Jon Vaughn, Christine Eggertson, Morgan Sorochuck,
Jeff Morton, and Dylan McKinnon)

12. 12-PhantomPowerTrio-excerpt
(13:57, 19.2 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates, Marinko Jareb, and tobias c. van Veen

13. 13-TEXTURESdotSK-excerpt
(5:04, 7 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates, Constantine Katsiris, and Jon Vaughn

14. 14-Unlocking_the_Groove-intro_excerpt
(2:37, 3.6 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates

15. 15-Interviewed_by_DJ_Cyan-CKUTRadioMontreal2005-excerpt
(13:32, 18.6 MB, 192 kbps)

by Carrie Gates and DJ Cyan

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doing some video for "BatchSplash" [May. 16th, 2007|09:43 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ]
[Where? |SCYAP]

--> BatchSplash! <--

--> curated by Jon Jones & Jon Vaughn
--> May 8th - June 8th, 2007</h3>
--> SCYAP Gallery, 253 3rd Ave. S, Saskatoon, SK

Drawings, Paintings, Videos, and Objects by:

Leanne Berger, Carrie Gates, Nem Gostimirov, Ben Hettinga, Doctor Inkswell, Jon Jones, Lira Lee, Rene Marchildon, Karleen McKeagan, Jesse Siebens, Yuka Yamaguchi, Jon Vaughn, and Devon Storey.

--> Friday, May 18th
--> Opening 7pm
--> Concert 8pm-2am

Music by:

Amazing Grace (Jesse Siebens & J-P Crowe) (drones and effects), Meagan's Mittens (Meagan Wohlberg) (keyboard improv), Wizards from the End of Time (Jon Vaughn & Nem Gostimirov)(musique concrete and escapist island music), Skeletons (psych rock), Fubfuika aka Jon Jones (idm), and Nuthre (fantasy ambient)

Live Video by:

Carrie Gates

Video Screenings by:

Jon Vaughn and Leanne Berger
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J + C Feedback Factory at the send + receive festival (Winnipeg, MB) [May. 16th, 2007|06:34 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ]
[Where? |Cinematheque (Winnipeg, MB)]
[Moody, eh? |happyhappy]
[Tunes |J + C Feedback Factory]

So Jon Vaughn and I just got back from the send + receive festival in Winnipeg, MB.  It was very, very fun, and I reconnected with some tres excellent old friends (Constantine Katrsiris, Martin Tetrerault, Crys Cole) and met some very inspiring new friends (Frieda Abtan, Minibloc, etc...).  I love travelling to make art.  Yes, indeed.

Anyways, here are some videos from the performance I did with Jon:

and here is our description:

J & C Feedback Factory
This collaboration between Jon Vaughn (audio) and Carrie Gates (video) is an intimate, yet risky, dynamic, and colourful presentation of live video and audio mixing using "no-input" closed system feedback techniques. The audio and video are created live, without using any external sources, such as cameras, microphones, or source tapes and CDs. The audio and video affect one another in surprising ways, but the intensity of the matrices of the complex feedback system are carefully controlled through delicate physical interactions with the machines. Aesthetically, the work pulsates with both human warmth and mechanical error-surfing, creating a sort of psychedelic, synaesthetic effect that hypnotizes viewers in a new world of relationships that are at once alien, but also suggestive of the secret micro-world of electricity and its fluid interactions behind everyday phenomena.

More info about the send + receive festival:

(there are more videos coming...8 "songs" all together)
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I'm teaching free VJing workshops in Prince Albert with Common Weal Community Arts - yay! [Apr. 14th, 2007|06:30 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ]
[Where? |Chez Carrie]
[Tunes |Uffie]

Please spread this info to anyone who might be interested! Thanks!


VJing 101: An Introduction to VJing with Arkaos

Monday, April 23rd to Friday, April 27th 7:00 - 9:00pm,
at Prince Albert's St. Mary's High School computer science labs

Have you ever wondered how VJs create their artwork? Have you ever wanted to create a custom visual projection to work with a dance or theatre piece? Have you ever tried adding live visuals to a band's performance or a DJ set? We can show you how!

Using Arkaos VJing software, instructors Carrie Gates and Leeane Berger will guide you through a series of fun and focused workshops that will take you from recording and digitizing your own video footage to programming video mixing software to being ready for a live VJ performance.

Workshops take place in the evenings, from Monday, April 23rd to Friday, April 27th 7:00 - 9:00pm, at the St. Mary's High School computer science labs. Since there are limited seats, we ask that you send us a short letter or email by April 17th outlining why you would like to learn more about VJing. Let us know if you have any experience working with video, but beginners are also welcome. Up to ten participants will be selected for this free workshop offered by Common Weal Community Arts, Inc.

Please send your application to:
Judy Mc Naughton
Common Weal Community Arts, Inc.
1010 Central Avenue
Prince Albert, SK, S6V 4V5
Phone: 960-9020 Fax: (306) 953-4814
Applications received after April 17th will not be considered.

Class YouTube Video Website:

More about the instructors, VJs Leeane Berger and Carrie Gates:

Carrie Gates – VJ Instructor
Carrie Gates' diverse art practices span the realms of VJing, experimental turntablism, sound art, sculpture, performance art, digital media, and the catylization of provocative interactive situations. Her work is unified by a pluralist vision and an appetite for teasing the uncanny from the familiar, critically yet playfully using and abusing any media she encounters. Recently, Gates has been working with creating innovative VJ performances using Max/MSP/Jitter and Arkaos software, sharing her findings with her peers through workshops and artist talks to encourage others to reclaim digital media as a tool for personal artistic expression and social change. Since 1996, she has been performing regularly at electronic music events, noise and experimental music shows, new media festivals, and art galleries. Her performances, compositions, videos, and research work have been shown across Canada as well as in Germany and the USA.


Leeane Berger – Assistant VJ Instructor
As part of a new generation of artists, Leeane Berger is currently working in the discovery, documentation and rediscovery of all things - great and small - that make up everyday living in Saskatchewan. In 2004 Leeane set out with a project to refurbish trash from alleys, sidewalks, parks and dumpsters. This endeavor propelled her into further exploration of salvaged and found materials. Leeane works in a variety of techniques and media in attempt to correlate viewer with surroundings. Using simple electronics to bring motion to a piñata television made from found electrical cords, wire and spray paint to the exploration of substance use in adding texture and depth to her found object paintings, Leeane is on a constant look out for new tools of expression. Working most recently in video, a medium she began working with while briefly attending Concordia University in 2005, has lead to experimentation with video mixing and animation. Her videos have since morphed from canadian video art inspired short-films into grungy expressionistic mixups for teasing and pleasing the eye.



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My videos on YouTube [Apr. 14th, 2007|06:23 pm]
[Tags|, , , , , , , ]
[Where? |Chez Carrie]
[Moody, eh? |productiveproductive]
[Tunes |DJ Smurf]

Oh yes, I've been making short silent ambient videos with my sexy friends, Max/MSP/Jitter, and Arkaos and I've been uploading them to YouTube.

I use these clips when I VJ, that's why they are silent. I'm currently working on video for my queer rap group...we're performing in our quuer theory class on Monday...if I get some good stuff from that, I'll post it here, too.

Here are a few for you to check out:

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The place to be tomorrow night (april 7th) [Apr. 6th, 2007|10:41 pm]

the wedding reception is open to the public

Savannah-Mae, you should come, email me if you want to hook up with my posse at 6:30 and come with us ;)

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I'm at a Max/MSP Workshop in Regina this week! [Jan. 21st, 2007|07:38 pm]
[Moody, eh? |nerdynerdy]

Here's the deets on the workshop:


JANUARY 23 - 27, 2007, 2 - 8 PM



This workshop is aimed at visual artists, musicians, spoken word artists, film/video makers, dancer/choreographers� anyone interested in exploring realtime transformation of sounds, images, and movement for performance or installation work, or as a way to generate material for audio/video compositions. The workshop is open to skill levels from beginner to advanced.

MAX is software that allows the user to make custom tools for sound and image manipulation. These tools or �patches� run in real time on laptops (Mac or Windows), and are suited to live performances and installation works in which audio and video events are generated in real time. MAX/MSP (for audio) and its companion Jitter (video) supply LEGO-like �boxes� that control sections of a patch. The user connects these boxes or �objects� to create a software tool built for a specific transformation task.

The workshop focuses on hands-on experience with generating audio and video in real time. Participants will work independently or in small groups and can schedule individual work with Laura and Ian. The topics covered will be tailored to the needs of participants over a flexible schedule to be arranged at the first meeting January 23. Laura and Ian will be available to the workshop from 2 to 8PM January 23 through 27.

You can bring in your own audio and image content and/or performance ideas. Participants without material are also welcome� if desired the process of recording audio and video and editing digital files will be covered.
Possibilities for your process include adding realtime sound and image creation to an existing performance work, developing a new performance or installation during the workshop, generating audio and video material for inclusion in a sound or video piece, and experimenting with improvising sound and images as a way to create a performance work.You can also participate as an observer to learn what is possible with interactive software.

At the end of the workshop you will have a MAX patch for realtime sound and image transformation�also new knowledge, new buddies, possible new partners, and something for your c.v. If you wish to create a new work you can document it for your portfolio.


Laura Kavanaugh and Ian Birse are audio/video performers and installation artists who have realized location-specific projects across Canada, Europe, and Australia. Part of this work involves custom software for sound and image transformation they build using the MAX/Jitter programming environment.

Laura and Ian will be in residence at Neutral Ground, sponsored by Soil Digital Media Suite, where viewers can engage the artists through their set-up process, from January 16th to 20th.

More information on Ian and Laura's work may be found on their website: www.instantplaces.ca.

Neutral Ground (Artist-Run Centre):

For you beloved Regina peeps who'd like to go for a beer with me in the evening, I'm staying with Dana (Organic on raversnet) and I'll be checking my email every day!
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